Madrid Archeology Meeting 2014, November 20 and 21

Madrid Archeology Meeting 2014, November 20 and 21

The Official College of Archaeologists of the Community of Madrid (CArMa) and the General Directorate of Historical Heritage of the Ministry of Employment, Tourism and Culture (DGPH), together with the Regional Archaeological Museum (MAR) of Alcalá de Henares, organize the Madrid Archeology Meeting 2014 the next days 20 and 21 of this month.

Due to the few archaeological works in recent years due to the economic crisis, for this first call, a state of the art of Madrid archeology will be presented through the works carried out in the last five years, especially of living and current projects of great variety as work developed, techniques used from those that share disciplines.

These days have two main lines of argument:

  1. Knowing the past of the Community: Archaeological Research Projects (2010 - 2014).
  2. Preserving the record and disseminating the past: Conservation and dissemination projects (2010 - 2014).

The conference will be developed as follows:

First session:
L-1) Paleontological research projects.
L-2) Prehistoric research projects.
L-3) Protohistoric research projects.
L-4) Ancient age research projects.
L-5) Middle age research projects.
L-6) Modern age research projects.
L-7) Contemporary age research projects / industrial archeology.

Second session:
L-8) Preventive conservation and restoration projects.
L-9) Dissemination projects: museographies, educational initiatives, etc.

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Video: Battle of Dallas Landing Archeology Public Meeting November 21, 2014