Pre-Hispanic ball game discovered in a University of Yucatán

Pre-Hispanic ball game discovered in a University of Yucatán

Have been found 26 prehispanic ball games for him ball game ritual in the Mexican state of Yucatán. However, it had never been during the construction of a basketball court.

The prehispanic ball court It was found near the Technological University of Poniente, in the municipality of Maxcanú. The machine that was digging in the area where the court was to be built collided with a hard pink stone, which also seemed ancient; so that INAH was immediately called (National Institute of Anthropology and History). Immediately they began to direct the necessary measures to preserve the pre-Hispanic field.

Archaeologist Eunine Uc, who was in charge of analyzing the discovery, said: “The Mayans were ahead of them and they will not be able to make their court, because here there is already a pre-Hispanic one: it is from a ball game”.

The ball game It has a north-south orientation consisting of two parallel and more or less narrow buildings. The construction is located at the foot of a mountain and is believed to have been strategically erected there. Both the authorities and the university students never imagined that instead of a basketball court they would have an ancient court.

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