An astronomical observatory found in Machu Picchu

An astronomical observatory found in Machu Picchu

An investigation carried out by a team of Peruvian and Polish experts on Macchu Picchu has found some Inca remains that have turned out to be a astronomical Observatory.

The monument has been built with well-carved stone that has been identified as inaccessible in the Machu Picchu National Park, according to the director of this center, the anthropologist Fernado Astete Victoria, during the work on Mount Huayna Picchu. The scientist invited the Polish team to participate in the research. Notable in this group are Professors Mariusz Ziółkowski, from the University of Warsaw and Jacek Kościuk, from the Wrocław University of Technology.

Despite the difficult terrain, we were able to employ 3D scanners in order to establish an accurate model of these remains. The results of the analyzes indicate that it is a device used by a small group of Inca priests and astronomers for detailed observations of the situation of the bodies on the horizon with respect to the summits of the Yanantin mountains.”Explained Professor Ziółkowski.

The finding is very important. The buildings where the Inca ceremonies took place were square, large, and faced the southwest solstice. However, this is a different temple”Added the archaeologist. According to the expert, the Mirador is so far the only astronomical observatory found along with that of Grotto Intimachay located in Machu Picchu and which was also investigated by the same team of experts.

Earlier this month, more carving results of the Mirador at the International Conference of the European Society for Astronomy in Culture in Athens.

Polish researchers have worked on Macchu Picchu since 2008 as part of an agreement between the University of Warsaw and the regional delegation of the Ministry of Culture of Peru. The scope of this work includes stone conservation and 3D archives as well as archaeoastronomy.

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