Ruins in Peru victims of illegal activities

Ruins in Peru victims of illegal activities

Since 1990 the pre-Inca ruins of the Yanamarca archaeological complex They have been considered Cultural Heritage of the Nation. The complex corresponds to the Chanca culture and the buildings consist of three floors whose walls have been damaged by illegal mining activities.

The Chanca culture it was incorporated in a peaceful way to the Incas from the Late Intermediate period, that is, from the year 1400 before Christ. One of the main characteristics of this culture is its great agricultural activity and the extension of its population in towns instead of cities.

A illegal mining activity Based on the extraction of quartz, it has penetrated the walls of the ruins, seriously damaging them. The community insisted that they show their work permits in the area, but the alleged miners refused.

Joel Mendoza, an archaeologist belonging to the Junín Culture Directory, visited the ruins to assess the damage. Joel claimed that the damage was such that some of its walls were on the brink of collapse and due to the sensitivity that the area suffers at the moment, he explained that it is better not to carry out any activity at the moment in its surroundings. Junín officials are now looking for these miners in order to use their appropriate sanctions.

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